Open Call for Papers

We're accepting submissions for Issues 6.2 & 7.1

RHJ is now accepting open submissions for publication in 2024/2025. We publish two issues per year so your contribution will fall in either of those.

Publication policy

The RHJ is interested in publishing contributions from individuals and groups concerned with the fight for the right to housing and to the city globally. The Journal seeks interventions crossing disciplinary and institutional boundaries, and welcomes critical scholarship working at the intersection of political economy, feminist studies, critical race studies, decolonial praxis, poststructuralism, and more. All contributors need to embrace the Journal ethos, as expressed in our Manifesto. You can either submit a single paper or propose a special issue (read below for details). All contributors will receive a compensation for their work.

Type of contributions

The RHJ is structured around four sections. The first two host substantive original works and are blind peer-reviewed (by one academic and one activist or scholar/activist).  The other two – conversations and updates – are not peer-reviewed.

  1. The Long Read / Focus on critical analysis and theory-making
    MAX 9,000 words per article, including references, excluding pictures
    We welcome papers on theorising resistance and activism in the post-2008 worldwide, being they driven by speculative, case-specific or comparative arguments.
    Papers should aim for theoretical innovation and conceptual finesse. Papers will be subjected to double-blind peer-review.
  2. Retrospectives / Focus on specific cases, histories, actions
    MAX 9,000 words per article, including references, excluding pictures
    This section welcomes papers that are oriented at reconstructing, in details, particular histories of movements, organisations and/or actions in the post-2008 scenario worldwide. Paper should aim for historical rigour and depth. Papers will be subjected to double-blind peer-review.
  3. Conversations / Reflections from the field of action and organisation
    MAX 6,000 words per intervention
    Debate-like pieces, written collectively, to reflect on specific actions and strategies. We welcome reflection on the challenges of particular organising approaches and practices.
  4. Updates / Reviews, provocations, updates on actions
    MAX 1,500 words per text
    We welcome reviews of books, films & more; and updates on current actions.

How to submit

To submit your contribution please check our Submissions page.

If you would like to discuss an idea with us or propose a special issue, please write an email at our Editorial collective: