Book review of ‘Squatters in the Capitalist City:

Housing, Justice and Urban Politics'

Irene Molina

Published in Issue 2.2 // Updates

Keywords: squatting, Europe, inequality, resistance


What is squatting? Is squatting a social movement? In a retrospective analysis of some of the most emblematic cases of squatting in Europe as well as through an exhaustive review of the literature on this field of study, the author responds to these and many more questions. The book presents the past learnings and current and future challenges for the radical urban social movement of squatting. I examine the book’s content and point to some issues I would have liked to see included.

Irene Molina is a professor of Human Geography at the Institute for Housing and Urban Research, IBF, and the Research Director at the Center for Multidisciplinary Studies on Racism, CEMFOR, at Uppsala University.

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