Latin Elephant:

On language, translations and connections in an urban ethnic migrant movement

Patria Román Velázquez, Natalia Pérez, Santiago Peluffo Soneyra and Sophie Rebecca Wall, in conversation with Melissa Fernández Arrigoitia and Camila Cociña

Published in Issue 3.2 // Conversations

Keywords: ethnic migrant groups, London, urban development, translation, lexicons of housing struggle


Latin Elephant is a London-based charity that works with migrant and ethnic groups in processes of urban change, and which has had a critical role in articulating the voices of traders threatened by displacement in the context of the Elephant and Castle redevelopment plans over the last decade. In this Lexicon Conversation, members of Latin Elephant discuss with RHJ the different ways in which language, vocabularies, solidarity, memory and translation have played out in their work in South London, both in relation to the use of English vis-a-vis other native languages, but also in terms of the technical language of planning in relation to intersectional urban struggles on the ground.

Latin Elephant (LE) is a charity that promotes alternative and innovative ways of engaging and incorporating migrant and ethnic groups in processes of urban change in London. Patria Román Velázquez is LE Founder and Chair of Trustees; Natalia Pérez and Santiago Peluffo Soneyra are LE Co-Directors, and Sophie Rebecca Wall is LE Project Coordinator. Website:

Melissa Fernández Arrigoitia and Camila Cociña are members of RHJ.

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