Occupation for expropriation in Berlin

River Honer and Leerstand Hab Ich Saath

Published in Issue 3.1 // Updates

Keywords: expropriation, vacancy, squat, Berlin, occupy


This update focuses on organizing efforts by the direct action group, Leerstand Hab Ich Saath, which came together in Berlin during the pandemic to reclaim vacant housing for the unhoused. Here River Honer and Leerstand Hab Ich Saath explain the context for the action and its greater implication in housing justice organizing for building expropriation in Berlin.

River Honer is an activist web developer and data analyst. Leerstand Hab Ich Saath is a group made up of grassroots housing organisers including homeless and marginally housed people, and that came together during the pandemic to demand homes for all, abiding by principles of community and solidarity.

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