RHJ Expanding radical housing geographies at the RGS-IBG conference 2021

RHJ editors Mara Ferreri, Michele Lancione and Solange Muñoz will be chairing a world café session “Expanding radical housing geographies” on Friday 3rd September 2021, 3-4.30pm, as part of the Royal Geographical Society – Institute of British Geographers’ annual conference.

Abstract: The Radical Housing Journal was founded in 2017 as a transdisciplinary and transnational open-access platform for conceptualizing housing experiences, geographies and politics, open to researchers and activists working within and beyond academia (see our Manifesto). Since then, the journal has published 4 peer-reviewed issues, with a fifth under way, bringing together scholars and activists across the globe and promoting a distinctive approach to geographies of housing and urban dwelling, based on a situated and action-oriented ethos. With this world café, the Radical Housing Journal editorial collective proposes a space to explore theoretical, empirical and methodological intersections between geographical approaches and housing. The world café will offer a space to reflect upon the work done by the journal to this date and to discuss new avenues for expanding housing geographies, particularly towards more inclusive, decolonial and intersectional approaches to knowledge-production and dissemination. It will be organised around a set of questions to facilitate conversations about how to expand and strengthen transnational encounters and solidarity, how to include wider geographical issues within housing debates, particularly around migration and bordering, and how to support knowledge production across different fields of research and practice.