Housing Futures

An experimental get-together for a rekindled housing movement

Setareh Noorani, Katía Truijen and René Boer

Published in Issue 4.2 // Conversations

Keywords: Housing crises, housing futures, architecture of appropriation, archives, collecting, squatting, strategies, documentation


In this conversation, organisers Setareh Noorani, Katía Truijen and René Boer critically discuss the Housing Futures weekend they facilitated in April 2022, reflecting on its archival and institutional roots, the newly made connections as well as its potential development in the years to come. They emphasise the curatorial gesture of welcoming and hosting the participants, across various communities engaging with questions around the (ongoing) housing crises, and giving way to shared stewardship as a fundamental, new role of the institution.


Setareh Noorani is an architect and researcher. She uses various media in her projects and artistic contributions to explore ways of publicising and embodying, questioning processes of trauma and time; always moving in the grey space between academic research and art. As a researcher at Het Nieuwe Instituut, she focuses on the qualitative, paradigm-shifting notions of decoloniality, feminisms, queer ecologies, non-institutional representations, and the implications of the collective, more-than-human body in architecture, its heritage and ambiguous future scenarios.

Katía Truijen works as a media researcher, curator and musician, is based in Rotterdam and often takes the train. Her research focuses on modes of attuning collectively to changing socio-political and ecological realities through sonic and spatial production. She develops public formats – from conversations, listening sessions, performances and parties to publications – always situated and fostering collaboration. Katía is part of Loom, co-founder of // hoekhuis, tutor at Sandberg Instituut’s Studio for Immediate Spaces, and context curator at Rewire.

René Boer works as a critic, curator and organiser in and beyond the fields of architecture, art, design and heritage. He is based between Amsterdam and Cairo, founding partner at Loom and is a driving force behind the Failed Architecture platform. In recent years he developed a wide array of exhibitions, public programmes and research projects, often with a focus on spatial justice, urban imaginations and queer tactics.

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