‘You can simply say no’

Narrating the effects and affects of Danish and Swedish housing in crisis

Sara Brolund de Carvalho, Maryam Fanni, Heidi Svenningsen Kajita, Jennifer Mack, Helena Mattsson, Svava Riesto and Meike Schalk // Issue 6.1


Rethinking needs and financing for affordable rental and cooperative housing in Central and South-Eastern Europe

Zsuzsanna Pósfai, Csaba Jelinek, Mara Ferreri and Camila Cociña // Issue 6.1

Book review

Delivery as Dispossession: Land Occupation and Eviction in the Postapartheid City (2022) by Zachary Levenson

Katherine Wiley // Issue 6.1

London otherwise:

A book review of From Sylhet to Spitalfields: Bengali Squatters in 1970s East London by Shabna Begum, 2023

Samuel Burgum // Issue 6.1

Book review

The Commonist Horizon: Futures Beyond Capitalist Urbanization (2023) edited by Mary N. Taylor and Noah Brehmer

Bernadett Sebály // Issue 6.1