Debate-like pieces, written collectively, to reflect on specific actions and strategies. For this issue, we welcome reflection on the challenges of organizing.

‘You can simply say no’

Narrating the effects and affects of Danish and Swedish housing in crisis

Sara Brolund de Carvalho, Maryam Fanni, Heidi Svenningsen Kajita, Jennifer Mack, Helena Mattsson, Svava Riesto and Meike Schalk // Issue 6.1


Rethinking needs and financing for affordable rental and cooperative housing in Central and South-Eastern Europe

Zsuzsanna Pósfai, Csaba Jelinek, Mara Ferreri and Camila Cociña // Issue 6.1

Exercising rights from below:

Housing, gender, migration and the right to the city from Antofagasta, Chile

Elizabeth Andrade Huaringa in conversation with Camila Cociña and Ana Sugranyes // Issue 5.1

Housing Futures

An experimental get-together for a rekindled housing movement

Setareh Noorani, Katía Truijen and René Boer // Issue 4.2