Lived realities versus state rationalities: Mobilizing within and against housing injustices

Alejandra Reyes, Melissa Fernández Arrigoitia, Melissa García-Lamarca, Solange Muñoz // Issue 4.2


Carcerality, housing precarity, and abolition

Ana Vilenica, Erin McElroy, Michele Lancione and Samantha Thompson // Issue 4.1


Valuing housing in the normalised crises: Resistance, fatigue and lexicons of struggle

Camila Cociña, Mara Ferreri, Melissa Fernández Arrigoitia and Melissa García-Lamarca // Issue 3.2


Tenant organizing, scholar activism, and global south perspectives as alternative infrastructures of knowledge production

Alejandra Reyes, Ana Vilenica, Erin McElroy, Hung-Ying Chen, Michele Lancione, Samantha Thompson and Solange Muñoz // Issue 3.1

Radical housing (dis)encounters:

Reframing housing research and praxis

Andrea Gibbons, Camila Cociña, Felicia Berryessa-Erich, Melissa Fernández Arrigoitia, Melissa García-Lamarca, Rowan Tallis Milligan, with Mara Ferreri // Issue 2.2

The renewed ‘crisis’:

Housing struggle before and after the pandemic

Edited by Alejandra Reyes, Ana Vilenica, Claire Bowman, Elana Eden, Erin McElroy and Michele Lancione // Issue 2.1


Interrogating structures, struggles and subjectivities of rent

Edited by Camila Cociña, Catharina Thörn, Jasmine S. Palmer, Mara Ferreri and Melissa García-Lamarca // Issue 1.2