Every renter needs a tenants union

Aimee Inglis

Published in Issue 2.1 // Updates

Keywords: tenant organizing, movement-building, capacity-building, non-profits, autonomous tenants unions


This piece focuses on tenant organizing in California, taking the perspective of tenant organizers rooted in contexts of antiracism, abolitionism and anticolonialism. Aimee Inglis notes how tenant organizing is more important now than ever in the wake of Covid-19 as a third of US renters can no longer pay rent. Yet at the same time, today’s tenant organizing and work on protections for the unhoused and those most targeted by Covid-19 rests upon a long history of community building. Most recently, new city ordinances have been passed throughout California as tenant organizers build regional solidarity to fight big real estate.


Aimee has been a part of the housing justice movement for over 9 years, starting as a volunteer counselor on Tenants Together’s statewide hotline. She trained as a community organizer through the Midwest Academy’s Organizing intern program, then worked professionally on starting and managing volunteer programs and developing education and outreach services for tenants’ rights. Her role at Tenants Together ranged from developing their volunteer and tenant education programs to online organizing and communications to leading their local capacity-building and movement-building support team. She is now Communications Coordinator at the national alliance It Takes Roots.

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