How to Support the RHJ

The RHJ is entirely autonomous in its politics and financing.

Self-financing is key to our independence and to sustaining our radical politics both internally and externally. It is a free and open access journal and we want it to remain so. However, building a web platform and maintaining an online journal incurs a cost, which we meet by readers’ donations and crowdfunding.

We do not pay ourselves as editors but recognise that many important radical housing insights are lost or not readily available because activists and non-institutional researchers often are not in a position to sit down, write and disseminate the knowledge they produce. At the RHJ we value the work and time that goes into thinking, researching and writing about and from housing struggles. Recognising the value of the time our authors contribute to the production of open knowledge, we have decided – finance permitting – to offer a small compensation of $50 US dollars to authors of peer-reviewed submissions; in the future we hope to be able to compensate all contributions.

Even just $10 USD goes a long way to supporting this effort!

If you’d like to donate, you can do it through Paypal below:

Thank you from all of us at the Radical Housing Journal!