Book review of ‘Urban Design Under Neoliberalism:

Theorising from Santiago' (2019) by Francisco Vergara Perucich

Keywords: urban design, neoliberalism, segregation, Santiago de Chile

In this book review, Karina Villacura introduces ‘Urban design under neoliberalism: Theorising from Santiago’ by Francisco Vergara-Perucich. This book deepens in the practice of urban designers by exploring how it has been shaped and dominated by profit chasing. It proposes the study of urban design under neoliberalism based on a Marxist approach, allowing for reflection on the ethical, theoretical and practical elements involved in the urban design of neoliberal Santiago.

Karina R. Villacura is a PhD student within the research group Studies in Housing and Welfare at the Department of Urban Studies at Malmö University (Sweden). Her research deals with the housing mobility of young families with children and their struggle to find and secure adequate housing in the context of housing financialization and a receding welfare state in Sweden.

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