Sandra, her research and “doing together”

ETICity – Exploring Territories, Imaging the City

Published in Issue 3.1 // Updates

Keywords: gentrification, Southern Europe, action-research, research methods, Sandra Annunziata


The contribution aims at presenting the publication “Staying put! An anti-gentrification handbook for Southern European cities”, as one of the latest output of the work of Sandra Annunziata. Sandra was a an Italian researcher in the field of urban studies, who left us in January 2019 after completing a large research project on housing rights in Madrid, Athens and Rome, which had international relevance in the field of gentrification studies. The paper illustrate Sandra’s work and research approach, defined as “doing together”, from the viewpoint of ETICity the association who Sandra contributed to found in 2012.

ETICity – Exploring Territories, Imaging the City is an association formed by a group of independent researchers in urban studies. It is a shared space where individuals with different expertise converge to develop projects in which the research outputs can be used as a working tool for cities and territories.

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