Issue 1.1

The first issue of the Radical Housing Journal focuses on practices and theories of organizing as connected to post-2008 housing struggles. As 2008 was the dawn of the subprime mortgage and financial crisis, and as the RHJ coalesced ten years later in its aftermath, we found this framing apropos. The 2008 crisis was, after all, a global event, constitutive of new routes and formations of global capital that in turn impacted cities, suburbs, and rural spaces alike in highly uneven, though often detrimental, ways. Attentive to this, we hoped to think through its globality and translocality by foregrounding “post-2008” as field of inquiry. What new modes of knowledge pertinent to the task of housing justice organizing could be gained by thinking 2008 through an array of geographies, producing new geographies of theory?


The Long Read



The “Caravana pelo Direito à Habitação”

Towards a new movement for housing in Portugal?

Roberto Falanga, Simone Tulumello, Andy Inch, Ana Rita Alves, Sílvia Jorge, Jannis Kühne, and Rita Silva

Imploding Activism

Challenges and possibilities of housing scholar-activism

Pratichi Chatterjee, Jenna Condie, Alistair Sisson and Laura Wynne


What Makes a Good Tenant?

Squatters and migrants resisting housing discrimination in Warsaw

Kamil Kuhr

When “Just Right” Is Not Right

Pushing back against austerity in Toronto

Mehedi Khan and Douglas Young

Escaping the Parasite of the Student Flat

Reflections on an experiment in co-operative housing

Hamish Kallin and Mike Shaw

Squatting, Trespass, and Direct Housing Action

A report on "Making Space"

Sam Burgum